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Thanks to our secure, easy-to-navigate website, drivers can value the worth of their current vehicle in a matter of minutes, determining if now is the time to trade-in and trade up! Our Instant Car Values website evaluates your car's year, make and model, comparing it to others that are currently for sale. In this way, we are able to show you comparable market prices so that you can secure the fair value that you deserve.

Ready to see what your ride is worth? Getting started is easy with our step-by-step form, simply fill in the requested information. We offer an array of resources to take advantage of, so you can make confident, informed decisions. See what the local market supply is currently like, and learn how in-demand your vehicle is! With help from the innovative TradePending tool, you can enjoy a stress-free auto appraisal experience, one that is sure to leave you more informed. We're eager to provide you with the material you need in order to move forward so don't hesitate to explore all that Instance Car Values can do for you!

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